Broadstreet Integration

Integrating with Broadstreet allows you to book ads in your Ad Sales Genius account and sync them to the Zones you have configured in your Broadstreet account. 

If you do not have a Broadstreet account, register here

Getting Started

  1. Configure your Zones in Broadstreet. Learn about site set up for any site with Broadstreet here
  2. In Ad Sales Genius, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Broadstreet Ads and click the Configure button to open
  3. Plug-in your Access Token
  4. Once the two platforms are synced and your Broadstreet Zones are set up, you're ready to create Products and Ad Sizes in ASG
  5. Within the Broadstreet Ads integration screen, choose if you want to create a CPM Product or a Time Product

    • CPM Based products will bill the customer based on the number of impressions delivered. A Time Based product will bill a fixed amount and will help manage ads that are share of voice or rotate within a designated location.
  6. Configure your New Website by naming the product in the Product Name field and selecting the proper Network from the Network dropdown
  7. On the Edit screen of the product you can add a Product Status, input a Product Description, Enable Checkout and upload a Product Logo. Click Update
  8. Click on the Ad Sizes tab and then click the +New dropdown and select Add Size
  9. Name your Ad Size, input ad specs and choose which Broadstreet Zone to map this ad to
  10. Create the Ad Rate that corresponds to this Ad Size and Save. Repeat these steps until all ASG Ad Sizes and Broadstreet Zones are mapped


Assigning Creative

  1. View the insertion you need to assign creative to
  2. Within the Ad Insertion page, click on the Manage Ads button found within the Zones box
  3. On the next page, click on the +New Ad button
  4. You'll be directed to either the BroadStreet login page or to the BroadStreet platform
  5. Upload your creative